General Motors

Corvette Engine/Transmission Cradles

Every great engine needs support.

We are proud to make the cradle that holds the Corvette's powerful motor.

Corvette's aren't the only GM vehicles we help get out on the road.

Over 300,000 Ecotec engine blocks ship from Metal Technologies every year.


Scorpion Oil Pans

Machined, assembled, and tested in house within the largest automated cell in our facility.


We perform cubing on both 2.0L Dual Cam and 2.4L Chrysler Tiger Shark cylinder heads. It is one of our larger lines, producing over 800,000 points each year.

Allison Transmission

Hybrid Power World Wide

Allison Transmission is helping lead the way in higher efficiency motors for busses, and Metal Technologies is proud to be joining them on that front.
Transmission housings manufactured in our factory can be found in use all around the world, as well as parts to keep those them running.


Nissan cylinder heads are used in top of the line luxury cars. Both Mercedes and Infiniti use parts that were machined in our plant.


Hyundai Sonata Cylinder Head

2.0L, 2.4L, and Turbo

Over 400,000 parts machined per year.

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