About Metal Technologies

The Beginning

Metal Technologies was formed in 1996 as a metal fabrication company with 12 employees. It's mission was to support our operations at Bedford Machine and Tool.


We moved into production machining in 1998 and haven't looked back. The company has grown to into a production facility for many major automotive companies across the country, including the big three: GM, Chrysler, and Ford. The company supplies manufacturing jobs to nearly 300 Hoosiers.

The Metal Tech Advantage

The greatest advantage Metal Technologies offers is the resources we can apply to launching a product. Our skilled product and application engineers team with our sister company, Bedford Machine and Tool, to design our own production equipment. What does this mean for you the customer? It means better lead times, better control of the project, and a better path for continuous improvement.

CNC and Automated Production

We pride ourselves in applying the latest computer controlled technology to provide out customers with the highest quality parts. Our CNC machining can fit the most precise tolerances. We use automation to control our cost and provide the consistent quantities without sacrificing quality. Our internally designed data collection systems utilize network and internet connectivity to provide real time production information to both our team and our customers.


"Committed to total customer satisfaction and continual improvement from a customer point of view."

MTI goes the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction in every product, every shipment, everyday. MTI is ISO and IATF certified, and we utilize Process Flow Mapping, Control Plans, FMEAs, Design reviews, and Process Capabilities, and many other tools found in the Advanced Product Quality Planning(APQP) and Production Part Approval(PPAP) Process reference manuals.

The Tools For Great Quality

We use world class software and measuring devices to be proactive in predicting out of control characteristic trends to prevent unnecessary spills and reactionary measures. Our four coordinate measuring machines(CMM) collect data to be analyzed in real time, providing instant feedback to our process engineers. Gages are calibrated regularly, with database tracking alerting quality technicians when a gage is due for calibration.

We use the best materials, so we can supply the best parts.

At MTI we expect world class quality of ourselves. To offer the best products, supplier quality must be world class as well. We maintain an approved supplier list, and give them feedback regularly.


Our products are used in many major automotive companies worldwide.
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